(A Constituent College of Tumaini University Makumira)

Profile Information
Julius Tweve
Senior Lecturer, Director of Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Julius.tweve@tudarco.ac.tz or Julius.tweve@gmail.com


  • PhD in Information studies (2012 to present) UDSM.
  • MA Information Studies (2000) UDSM,
  • BA Education (1997) UDSM,
  • Diploma in Education (1991) Korogwe TTC.

Honors and Awards


Research Focus

Competent and interested to work in team work and independently to produce quality research in areas which listed in research focus areas below. The researcher is always guided by research ethics such as proper time and finance management.

  • Ethics in Records Management
  • Management Information management
  • Information ethics and Literacy
  • Legal and professional ethics
  • Quality assurance control and ethical practices
  • Sectoral information needs and requirements
  • Digital Information literacy
  • Any other area related to ethics, professionalism and quality assurance
Active Research

To address day to day operations in the areas of Ethical practices, competencies and skills in information services and management. Currently two researches namely “Digital Information Literacy among Academicians” and “Ethics in the practices of records managers” are in the process.

Research and Publications:
  1. Ethics in the Practices of Records Mangers in Tanzania’s Government Ministries. PhD Thesis in progress; to be submitted at University of Dar es Salaam.
  2. J. Tweve (2013), Teacher Professionalism and Education Development in Tanzania: Law and Management Journal: A Journal of Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College 2013.
  3. J.T.Tweve (2013), The Role of Librarians in National Development in Tanzania: Information Inclusion and Exclusion. International CALIBER 2013 INFLIBNET Centre. March 2013
  4. J. Tweve (2013), Public Library Changing Scenario with a National Overview of Tanzania: A chapter in Rejuvenated Libraries for Empowered Users: Digital Information Research Ltd Harrow, UK 2013.
  5. J. T. Tweve (2013), Information Ethics and Professionalism Changing Scenario with a National Overview of Tanzania. Published in US-China Law Review – International Journal 2013.
  6. Tweve, J. T. (2008), Records Management a tool for Empowering Society: Law and Management Journal: A Journal of Tumaini University Dar College. June 2008.
  7. Tweve J.T. (2003) Article on Communication Infrastructure in Tanzania: In Jamii News Letter at the Institute of Social Work.
  8. Twevej (2002), Article on Lack of Opportunities and Skills on Accessibility and Application of Information Technology in Tanzania, In Jamii News Letter at the Institute of Social Work.

Seminar and Workshop Programme
  1. Tweve J. (2015) An Overview of Information Ethics and Teacher Professionalism. Paper presented at International Conference on Education in Nairobi, organized by Kenyata University, 15 to 16 July 2015.
  2. Tweve J. (2015) Social media use in Libraries. Paper presented at NSS-LIS Network Dissemination Workshop Held at University of Namibia, 18th – 21st May 2015.
  3. Tweve J. (2014), The Role of Management Information Systems in Modern Environment. Paper Presented at TLA Workshop held at Bukoba, February 2015.
  4. Tweve J (2014), Social media Adoption in Health Libraries: A Paper Presented at AHILA International Conference, Held at Mwl. Nyerere Conference, DSM October 2014.
  5. Tweve J (2012), Situation Analysis of Availability and Application of ICT Facilities and services at Teachers’ Colleges in Tanzania. Paper Presented at IST-Africa Conference May 2012, at Kunduchi Beach Hotel – Tanzania.
  6. Tweve J. T. (2012), Information Sharing among Health Providers in Running ARV Programmes in Tanzania. Paper Presented at TLA Annual Workshop at Tabora (February 21012).
  7. Tweve J.T. (2012) Teacher Professionalism and Professional Abuse towards Education Development in Tanzania. Paper presented at Tanzania Network Conference Held at Blue Peal Hotel February 2012
  8. Tweve J. T. (2011); Criteria of Evaluation of Social Science Research: Paper presented at Tanzania Network Conference Held at Blue Peal Hotel February 2011.
  9. Tweve J. T. (2009), Challenges Facing Library and Information Studies, in Education and Training in Tanzania: A case study at Tumaini University Dar College. Paper presented at Tanzania Library Association Conference at Moshi February 2010.