(A Constituent College of Tumaini University Makumira)

Governance and management

Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College (TUDARCo) is a private institution of higher learning established under the Trust Deed of the Registered Trustees of Eastern and Coastal Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

The day-to-day running of the College is under the College Governing Board which uses other specified organs in relation to policy and administrative matters to manage funds and other resources as provided for under the Constitution, Trust Deed and Trust Rules of TUDARCo.

Governance Officers: University Board
1. Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Alex G. Malasusa
Chairman - The Bishop of the ELCT – ECD.

2. Rev. Chediel Lwiza
Assistant to the Bishop.

3. Mr. Godfrey Nkini
The Executive Secretary of the ELCT – ECD.

4. Prof. Peter Chonjo
Representative of the TUMA Senate.

5. Mr. Ibrahim Mwangalaba
Representative of the banking community.

6. Mr. Nehemiah K. Mchechu
Representative of the business community.

7. Ms. Editha Kamala
Representative of the financial sector.

8. Prof. Emmanuel Mjema
Representative of the academic community.

9. Mr. Diocles S. D. Rutaihwa
Representative in the Ministry of Science Technology and Higher Education.

10. Judge Upendo Msuya
Representative from the Legal profession.

11. Dr. Masumbuko Lamwai
Representative from the College Academic Committee.

12. Dr. Amos Mwakilasa
Representative of the ECD Executive Council.

13. Prof. Burton Mwamila
Representative of Vice Chancellor from public Universities or University Colleges.

14. Rev. Ernest Kadiva
One clergy member who is not a district Pastor.

15. Mr. Rashi Khalifa
Representative from the College Student Organization.

16. Prof. Uswege Minga
The Provost who shall be an ex-officio member.

17. Prof. Godwill Mrema
First College Deputy Provosts who shall be ex-officio member.

18. Dr. Joyce P. Chonjo
Second College Deputy Provosts who shall be ex-officio member.

Management Officers: University Executives
Prof. Uswege Minga

Prof. Godwill Mrema
Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs

Dr. Joyce P. Chonjo
Deputy Provost for Administration